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What is AlarmView?
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AlarmView is a web-based camera monitoring system for private individuals, shopkeepers and small and medium-sized enterprises. AlarmView provides added value for your existing security systems, because it makes rapid visual verification possible. The AlarmView system uses a broadband Internet connection and is very simple and safe to use.

AlarmView can be a solution in the following situations:

  • AlarmView as an electronic spy: you can view camera pictures of your home, shop or office from anywhere in the world.
  • AlarmView can be combined with your alarm console, but without needing the services of a private alarm control centre
  • AlarmView as the digital link between the monitored premises and a private alarm control centre (subscription).
  • Additional services are possible, such as phone calls and text messages to security addresses and/or virtual surveillance.


  • Plug & play
  • Maintaining video surveillance at any time and from any location.
  • The video images are recorded by the advanced and monitored security via the AlarmView server.
  • Alarm reports via e-mail and text messaging.
  • Video images of the moment when the alarm was triggered
  • New verification regulations



Compatible webbrowsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 and 6.0,
Mozilla FireFox 2.0,
Opera 9, Apple Safari 3.0

Plug and play
Alarmview Parts Kit
Additional services
AlarmView is a registered trademark of Isolectra BV.